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Living H2O

What is Living H2O?

Living h2o is simply water that has been fully activated and now contains all the active properties of a living water from a healthy, living stream found in nature. The naturally occurring hydrogen in the water has been activated by the sun’s photons and the water has become fully charged with a negative, or a minus (-) charge to the water’s molecules. The surface tension is dramatically reduced making the water wetter,  or easier to absorb and get into places most filtered/bottled waters cannot. This “living water” has been multi-vortexed, as the water is running down an active stream over the rocks, twists and turns. Not like how we humans treat water in metal pipes, using 90 degree angles, which fracture and destroys the water’s natural structure, energy potential and ability to heal.

Most bottled waters today are dead and seriously lacking the proper alchemical structure and elements necessary to sustain life. Most bottled waters today have toxic chemicals in them like BPA and a host of other chemicals and yes even traces of pHARMaceutical drugs and can actually leach healthy minerals from our bodies necessary to sustain optimum health.

Activated hydrogen structured h2o is water you will find in nature. If you take a gallon of water and pour it in a pristine mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water has become structured by nature and is now living. Structured or “living” water is free of negative memory and is reprogrammed to it’s original natural state and the memory of a pristine mountain spring going over rocks, falling over waterfalls and constantly vortexing, creating oxygen, or hydrogen rich water. It has a balanced pH of 7.2-7.6 like a healthy, natural mountain spring and is able to hydrate far better due to its high vibrational strength held within the active hydrogen atoms, i.e. hydrogen bonds.

Why is “Activated Hydrogen” so important?

Water has become unhealthy through the evolution of piping at 90 degree angles (a closed environment with little or no oxygen) and chemical and electro magnetic pollution in our environment.

Water needs its natural vibrational energy or strength to be bioavailable “revitalized” to gain back it’s lost “life” form. This process strengthens the hydrogen bond. Structured water also helps to eliminate corrosion & bacteria throughout your system.

Recharge your water and reactivate hydrogen and hydrogen bonds that should be there naturally in water! Over the centuries, due to city water chemicals, electromagnetic radio waves and piping long distances water has lost it’s integrity or vitality and now has a weak hydrogen bond. This happens to be true across all nature and not only in just water.
We need to bring water back to it’s nature intended state. With our resonating mineral ore technology, we will revitalize your water by first filtering/purifying it through our own manufactured membranes and granular activated carbon and carbon block. We then put it through our structuring pipe that acts as a pristine river bed full of tiny mineral ores that provide the entire realm of chemical and physical reactions that take place in a natural spring. This process activates hydrogen bonds allowing humans, plants & animals to absorb more water and detox the body.




Through the use of BioCera bioceramics, we can now bring dead, unenlivened water back to life and activate the hydrogen atoms, giving the water the ability to give life once more.



The electric charge activates the hydrogen atoms (electrons) thus creating strong hydrogen bonds for easy flow through the Aquaporin channel of the cell wall and thus hydrating the cell and properly flushing out toxins. This is the energy the water molecule needs in order to get through the cell wall thus hydrate and detox the cell.


By activating the Hydrogen and Structuring your water, you can now easily restore the natural health and vitality of piped, well water or chemically treated ordinary tap or filtered dead water back to its original living, energized state.

Hydrogen Activation provides optimum intra-cellular hydration and detoxification and antioxidant effects while balancing your body’s pH naturally. You will have more energy better kidney, liver, eye and brain organ functions all due to optimum hydration. Enjoy more energy, smoother and softer skin and hair.

Now that we have learned a little bit about “living water” and “active hydrogen” and how beneficial it is to our health and future, how do we stop using and start better protecting our natural water resources? By simply using a PureH2OTechnology system in your home for all your water needs, we can stop “buying” water and stop using up our natural resources ever again. The water you put back will be healed and beneficial to our children and their future as well. No more plastic bottles. No more greenhouse gases from producing and shipping them. This is a win, win, win scenario. The planet wins, we win and the our children’s future wins. Who could say no to that?

What else can we do to make a difference? Get educated, get informed and start making better decisions in the resources we now use. Then go to Planet One Solutions A Sustainable Development Corporation whose main focus is our planet and its future and learn what they have to share and help get the truth out there. For if our home does not survive, neither do we as a species. The solutions are out there and the team at Planet One Solutions is ready to implement them on a global scale today.

Thank you for taken the time. You time is very valuable and greatly appreciated.

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