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The ALL NEW – W.O.L.F. – Water Of Life Fountain


The W.O.L.F., formerly called the Twin Vortex Living Water Machine, is a Holistic Health Care device for the “whole” treatment of your Drinking Water or for your entire home water supply.  It comes with a standard Carbon Water Filter as an input strainer.  (Other special Water Filters are available by request.)  The W.O.L.F. also has an electrically charged heavy metal trap to further purify your water.  It is a Restructured Water Machine (i.e a machine that takes damaged, de-energized water & transforms it into restructured/living water).  The Structured Water is “Dual Vortex Water,” “Ionized Water,” “Oxygenated Water,” “PH Balanced Water,” “Violet Ray Water” & “Crystal Water” with revitalized Life Force Energy; imbuing it with natural “Antioxidant” properties that support your Radiant Health & increases your Prana & Reiki Healing potential.  And, it is all in one easy to use package.

Its design uses some of the same technology as the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator & is combined with findings & advanced water theory from the Austrian Water Specialist Viktor Schauberger.


Tap water is damaged by the constant high pressures of our domestic water systems and by exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation such as AC  power, TV, Radio, Microwaves, Cell Phones, etc.  It is  being polluted with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.  Water is also subject to the negative vibration patterns of mankind’s mental & emotional creations.

Filtering, distilling, or using reverse osmosis DOES NOT restore water to its ORIGINAL quality. Conventional purifying methods remove contaminating particles, however, the vibration signatures of  toxins and heavy metals remain in the water.  To neutralize harmful signatures & to reverse pressure & radiation damage, it is necessary to re-structure  water on a vibrational basis; at the atomic and homeopathic level.

The Violet Ray Twin Vortex Living Water Machine does just that & more, by revitalizing water to its highest natural state & by restructuring it beyond what nature can do with the blending of precise physical/metaphysical principals that do not occur in natural systems with as much control or focus.


Besides tasting great, people report:  Enhanced recovery from injury, illness and operations.  Leading causes of disease are often attributed to malnutrition & toxins.  The Living Water promotes absorption of nutrients from our food & drink while making them taste better along with growing our foods healthier, faster & with higher yields.  It also assists in eliminating toxins from our body.  The “reduced” molecular and micro cluster structure,  enables more efficient hydration of the cells & aids intercellular communications,  boosting our immune system integrity.  The water vibrates in harmony with nature & brings us a higher order of structure that assists antioxidant & PH balanced  processes within the cell. This pristine re-structuring also increases its ability to be “programmed” for higher intent & Divine Will.  The Twin, or Dual Vortex, is designed to promote balance between our physical & spiritual senses as well as our feminine & masculine energies.  *  Restructures water at an atomic & homeopathic level thus renewing vibrationally aberrant municipal water.

  1. *Neutralizes harmful electro-magnetic radiation & pressure damage.  Also removes toxins & heavy


* Knocks out Chlorine & improves taste of the water.

  1. *Lowers surface tension enabling the water to take on “natural” qualities of soft water.  An Earth

  Friendly alternative for States where softeners have been outlawed.

  1. *Believed to reduce molecular structure or “Cluster” size of water enabling more efficient hydration of

  our cells & aiding intercellular communications, thus boosting immune system integrity. For more,

  click here.

  1. *Removes old energetic programming of water & installs new revitalized programs: even ones of your


  1. *Helps balance our physical & spiritual energies & our masculine & feminine nature.  Reduces Stress Signals.

Structured Water Filter Machine: W.O.L.F.

Restructuring, Reprogramming & Returning our Precious Water.

More than ever, people are realizing the importance of having good water for their use, especially drinking water.  Few people realize however that even the best bottled water is still de-energized & possibly lifeless water.  Not only may it not have the vital life energy of revitalized or structured water, it also contains old “programming” that needs to be cleared out & re-newed.  The water has also likely been exposed to many of mans electromagnetic fields that pull it out of a natural Earth Resonant vibrational rate.  In short, even todays “best” drinking water still needs a lot of help to get back the qualities of naturally healthful water.

More on our general water use conditions further down.

Re-structuring:  Viktor Schauberger was called “the Water Wizard” by author Callum Coats, who has written several books about Victor’s amazing discoveries of water.  Intuitively, Jack Derby knew that the technologies discovered by Viktor, were what he needed to build upon in making his water structuring machine.  In joining Viktor’s discoveries with his own, particularly the Violet Ray, he has made a natural water structuring system that goes unrivaled.  The theories behind water structuring & the many “states & types” of water goes beyond our purposes here.  Through the vortex energies, golden ratio dimensions, cosmic antennas, light, crystals, silver, heavy metal traps, high voltage Violet Ray energy & more, the treated water is changed into a healthful, revitalized water far superior to when it first entered the system.

Re-programming: For those who have become familiar with Masaru Emoto & his studies about “The Message From Water,” you may realize that water is a miracle substance that easily takes “on” the energies of its surroundings & the consciousness projections of life around it.  Emoto’s studies show that thought or words alone can alter water.  Pillar of Light Enterprises may have the only Structured Water Filter Machine in existence that purposely is designed to remove the old programs of water & install new ones in alignment with natural earth energy & cosmic energy.  Furthermore, during the process of water re-structuring, the user can “program” the water to be used for healing intent.  The Twin Vortex Living Water Machine uses the same “Posikiation” process that the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator uses, only minus the Crystal Trinity of the Resonator.

Re-tuning:  There are 3 advanced & modified Nikola Tesla coils tuned to output their own frequencies in our Water Structuring Machines.  Each Frequency is a natural harmonic of the core of the earth & of the well known Schumann Resonance Frequency.  These frequencies that all carry the Violet Ray Energy, are what re-tunes the vibrational rate of water to harmonize with them.  Thus pulling water back into natural Earth Frequency resonance.  This is very useful as we take the water into our bodies & know that the water is already vibrating at a natural supportive frequency.

Who Uses Our Structured Water Filter Machines?

Our Structured Water has natural attributes akin to what water softeners produce & that is lower surface tension.  Water seems “softer” based on wetness.  Wetness is a function of surface tension.  Without any additives, our water can replace the need for water softeners.  That is important because the current trend is to make water softeners illegal due to contamination of our water sheds.  Water softeners are already outlawed in Texas & Utah.

So who can use our Structured Water Filter Machine?  Well, to start…….

     * Anyone that needs a water softener but finds it illegal to have one due to changing laws aimed at reducing pollution of our water sheds.  There is no alternative to water softeners like ours.

    * Anyone wanting to install a unit just for drinking water or for the entire home.  If you use it for the entire home, you get the added benefit of reduced build up in plumbing, easier on appliances, you can clean better with it, you can bathe in soft structured water….and that is great because the skin can absorb Vibrantly Revitalized water rather than de-energized, out of tune and chlorinated water.   Plus, your pets & plants will love it too.  Did we mention that it makes plants grow faster & healthier or that cooking & drinks made with our Structured Water taste better?  Foods keep longer too.  Oh yes, our Structured Water has Revitalized natural Antioxidant Properties that, along with lower surface tension, support cellular processes & communications.

    * Anyone who cares about their bodies enough to want to treat it well with “Living Water.”

    * Homes, Hospitals, Health Spas, Health Therapists & Counselors; where ever people can use vortex water.

    * Restaurants, Resorts, Retail Stores, live stock & produce farms, nurseries, etc.

If you really want good water the way it was intended to be,  then you need our Dual Vortex Water Machine.  It structures water & revitalizes it back to the way nature makes it & even better with the advanced focus of controllable elements that duplicate nature.Just as having healthy eating & exercise habits enriches the body;

Drinking water from the W.O.L.F. also supports the mind to process

better & create from belief systems & mental patterns

that send less stress signals to the body.

YES!  It is our belief systems that create most of the stress in our biology!

Why is belief & less stress VERY important to the health of the body?

Read this report on a DVD by Bruce Lipton Ph.D.

Bruce Lipton.pdf to find out.

To see the W.O.L.F. in action click on the video below, formerly called the Twin Vortex Living Water Machine when this video was made

To purchase:

$15,000usd – S/H/I starts at $650.00usd (special freight ONLY)

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