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We only use the best!

logoAlthough Bioceramics are not fairly new to the market, over the past decade plus, only one company stands above the rest. BioCera brand bioceramics are the finest quality and only bioceramics that carry all the Water Quality Association certificates and FDA testing/certification required. See below for tests/certifications.

We only use BioCera brand bioceramics in all our PureH2OTechnology systems.

Why BioCera A.A Tea Bags? …because you help the environment and also helps make our lives simpler. No more bottles. No more plastic harming the environment and when the tea bag is used up, put it in your soil to help it, or use for your plants and animals. Composed of NSF-certified ceramic balls inside each tea bag, BioCera A.A Tea Bags enables us to drink healthy water every day, any time, any where.

AO Tea Bag for getting quick ionized and anti-oxidized water

BioCera AO Tea bags are one of the best ways to enjoy a cup of tea with maximum potency. The scientists at BioCera have used this concept to create the quick water ionizer and antioxidant alkalize that is popularly known as the AO Tea Bag or the BIOCERA Ceramic ball. BioCera AO alkaline antioxidant tea bag weighs about 10 grams and has many benefits.

Features and benefits

  • – Alkalization (pH goes up and ORP goes down)
  • – Antioxidant function like Vitamin-C
  • – Minimizes water clusters
  • – Dissolves easily in cold water
  • – Reusable (up to 14 times a week)
  • – Avoids time waste in boiling water and dissolving tea

International Standard

  • 1. Safety: NSF, FDA
  • 2. Intellectual property: Patent (USA, CHINA, KOREA, MALAYSIA, TURKEY etc)
  • 3.Top Quality
  •    – pH↑ / NMR (micro structured water)
  •    – Removal ↑ TDS ↑
  •    – ORP ↓
  •    – H2



AO Tea Bag for getting quick ionized and anti-oxidized water

Tea bags are one of the best ways to enjoy a cup of tea with least human effort. We at BioCera, have used this concept to create the quick water ionizer and antioxidant alkalize that is popularly known as the AO Tea Bag or the BIOCERA Ceramic ball. BioCera AO alkaline antioxidant tea bag weighs about 10 grams and has many health benefits.

Ceramic ball water filters to wade away all impurities and guarantee good health

While one wears gemstones to calm their mind and stay happy, we at BioCera have found a quick way to cleanse and detoxify water with the help of ceramic balls. Yes, our BioCera ball is a great water purification filter that will absorb the harmful heavy metal and impurities thereby helping every customer to drink healthy water on day to day basis.

How they function?

BioCera ceramic ball comes with NSF Certificate that softens water and have special formation with abundant organic material that helps to balance the pH of water. These balls can be packaged in tea bag form, basket form in various sizes to suit different containers and purify water. These super ceramic balls are made up of useful mineral compounds like calcium Di-Oxide , magnesium oxide, silicon Di-Oxide , Quartz, Hematite and oxides of sodium and potassium that help to absorb heavy metal deposits from water and removes bad smell from water.

What are the variations available?

We at BioCera have launched several varieties of ceramic balls namely BioCera RC ball, SH ball, AO pyramid bag, PW ball, TO ball, CA ball, IP ball, MN ball and AG ball. These Anti Oxidant ball AO ball also function as ORP ball that reduces the ORP content which acts as anti-oxidant and improves the alkaline nature of water which increases the natural metabolism of human body.

How safe are these ceramic balls?

Every ceramic ball has cleared the NSF 42 test and RoHS safety tests and our products are thus safe to use. These are patented intellectual property of our company and they have proven to function effectively in any kind of water namely tap water, RO purified water, bottled water, mineral water etc. There are plenty of benefits of these tourmaline ceramic balls as they help to increase the alkalinity of water,to improve the useful mineral retention, to reduce ORP and improve the hydrogen ion concentration in water.

With world class quality control, our nano silver ceramic balls, Antibacterial Antimicrobial and other variations are the best in treating and improving the quality of water.

What’s new?

Our ceramic balls make people’s life simpler and are the first of its kind to be certified by NSF. These balls inside the BioCera tea bag helps one with clean, pure, ionized alkaline water that restores body pH level. Drinking healthy and mineral enriched water has become a kids’ play with our ceramic ball tea bags. These tea bags contain the essence of pure drinking water as it replenishes water with essential minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and Calcium that makes up a healthy body and smart brain

Our specialties

BioCera ceramic balls are neatly packed and delivered at doorsteps. All one needs to do is to put it in a pitcher of water that needs antioxidant alkaline filtering and within a few minutes our product makes your water worthy. We have made these ceramic balls with the ability to reduce ORP and increase pH of the water there by striking a balance. BioCera AO Tea Bag increases the antioxidant function of the drinking water which flushes out the toxins in the body. BioCera tea bags are environment friendly and re usable and also minimizes water cluster. BioCera alkaline tea bags are patented invention of BioCera whose quality and efficiency can be measured with simple tests like small cluster water test, pH test, Re-mineral test , ORP test and the best of these the Aura test. With tasty and enriched alkaline water in less than ten minutes, we love to say that our tea bags are the best in terms of cost, durability, portability and usage.

BioCera was establishment in 1994, BioCera has continued to develop environmentally-friendly products such as ceramic balls, and antibacterial and alkaline water for the safety of the human beings. Being the world leader in the field of bioceramic balls, the company pioneering enthusiasm and effort have accelerated in expanding the market and reaching out to the customers in more than 40 countries. With the aim to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for people worldwide, BioCera will continue to work on the following three points: First, the functional ceramic ball media through water activation, ceramic ball crystal, alkaline creation, and Negative ORP (anti-oxidant) hydrogenation Second, the antimicrobial control of mold and fungi, which cause health problems; Third, the nano photo-catalyst control of air and odor We promise to do our best in innovative management and approach mainly focused on customer happiness and well-being. We eagerly anticipate your continued attention, encouragement and support. Thank you very much!


Dr. Jeon, Hyoung-Tag

BioCera has received numerous certifications throughout the years.

FDA Acute Oral Toxicity Test Acute Oral Toxicity Test of BioCera-A view

Certificate of Registration(ISO 9001)Registration No: QAIC/KR/10711-A view

Certificate of BioCera Ball(CE)Registration No: AK 50189593 0001 view

Certificate of NSF International Bioceramic balls passed NSF 42 safety test for 183 items Certificate# 3S670-01 view

Certificate of Halal Products IFRC ASIA view

FDA Registration of BioCera Certificate of FDA view

FDA Device Listing Database Clinical chemistry BioCera Natural Alkaline Water Purifier view

Water Quality Association Member Issued by the Water Quality Association for 2013 view

FDA Device Listing BioCera Ball, Alkaline Filter, BioCera Natural Alkaline Water Purifier,Water view

Registration Certificate of BioCera (PCT USA)Issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office view

Registration certificate of BioCera (PCT CHINA)Issued by China Patent and Trademark Office view

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