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Egg Shaped Water Vessels

Egg Shaped Water Vessels

Keep water fresh and alive.

Expertly cast, kiln fired, semi-porous ceramic vessel allows water to breathe & evaporate. Blocks sunlight to keep contents free from energetic imprints and discourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.  Minimal evaporation through the vessel walls induce motion, which circulate in a gentle vortex that enlivens water and keeps it cool & fresh .

Tera Cotta Water Vessel 14-18 liters (3.69-4.76 gallons) Male end up.

BUY NOW – 395.00 plus s/h – email us at: info@beyondwater.org

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White Custom Ceramic Egg Shaped Water Vessels with O.R.M.E.. Female end up. Not currently available. Check back for updates.


Functionality is based on the material type and thickness so it can sweat properly, which causes movement minimizing bacterial growth and aids evaporative cooling. This will keep your water active/alive and cooled without electricity, filtration or additional pluming, even in the warmest climates.

Add a container under the vessel for a few months while the water saturates the porous clay. It will naturally adjust to its environment. It is preferable to keep the vessel partially full of water to maintain proper moisture. The water from the vessel obtains a different feel after a day or so of containment.

The action of the egg depends upon two elements, evaporative cooling of the semi-porous ceramic vessel, and the mathematically precise geometry of the egg shape.

The shape is derived precisely and mathematically from an inclined section through the Schauberger hyperbolic cone. Specific dimensions and mathematically precise shape of this water egg outlined by Callum Coats.

Similar to the water structuring properties of the pyramid, the sacred geometry inherent in the egg brings the water into higher resonance. Chlorine gas will dissipate and impurities such as lime from tap water will transpire to the outside of the container. Clean vessel inside and out when deemed necessary with mild/natural, detergent-free soap and warm water.

In the near future we will be making available glazed Water-Egg models to provide a non-porous vessel suitable for the storage of wine, juice, milk, oil and other precious liquids.




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