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Structured H2O

What is Structured H2O?

Water molecules are attracted or loosely attached to each other through hydrogen bonding. In normal water this attraction makes water “cluster” together in large assemblies of water. These clusters have size and shape; both their size and shape can affect biological organisms. The water molecule, made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms, is what most of us think of as water. The true picture is a little more complex. These molecules appear to be very gregarious. They like to get together and are seldom found alone. They will cluster in groups of from five molecules to over 600 molecules. These groups are not static. Water molecules will switch from one group to another very easily and do so often. Hydrogen bonds are being made and broken several times a nanosecond. This creates the unimaginably dynamic energy environment of water. It is the size and shape of these clusters of molecules in their never ceasing interaction that is the “structure” of water.

Through the Master Works of Masaru Emoto


and his discoveries in the realm of water, we now have evidence of our words and intentions on water. Our very vibration, or intention/vibration affects water in many profound ways shown in the pictures below.


Similar to a structured water unit manufactured by NATURAL ACTION TECHNOLOGIES, INC. and the pictures below show the crystalline formation at the edge of the water drop.

Various star-shaped crystal structures are shown in the half–scale picture that did not exist in that form in the neutral sample.  At the same time there more 60° angle structure that dominates the complete picture. This is a clear indication for a highly increased quality due to the Nolte Structured Water Unit, since such structures can only appear in very high quality water of a natural origin.

There are absolutely no indications of 90° angular structures, which would represent toxic substances.  On the contrary, it can be established that the bio-availability and the biological quality has obviously increased.  The Structured Water unit is not only able to neutralize negative effects, but it can also restructure the water, so that it obtains a significant natural positive quality.


Enlarged 400x samples : The large-scale picture shows a well-formed, star-shaped crystal complex showing fine, branchy plant-like structures that did not appear in the neutral sample.  The exact 60° angle formation indicates that there has been a strong stimulating effect on the water, which has actually re-naturalized the water sample. The basic structures of the crystal structures were actually changed and newly restructured. This demonstrates that Structured Water could significantly increase the potential water quality of the water sample. The energy balance is therefore much more positive than in the neutral sample, and is reflected in the excellent end results obtained.


400x magnification: Structured Water


400x magnification: Neutral Water


Health Benefits of Structured Water
  • Excellent hydration. 
  • Balances Water. 
  • It assists in the release of healthful vitamins and minerals to all life. 
  • Hair and skin rinses are cleaner and hair feels better when washed. 
  • Livestock, domestic pets and fish become healthier. 
  • It improves health, less joint and muscle pain, more energy. 
  • Fish tanks become cleaner and healthier. 
  • Less soap is necessary when washing. 
  • Cleaner hot tubs and spas with less chemicals required. 
  • Reduces the effects of sunburns.  
  • Prevents dry itchy skin. 
  • Promotes longer life (anti-aging). 
  • More refreshing showers and bath. 
  • Reduces odors around/in bathrooms and toilets. 
  • Clothes are washed and rinsed cleaner in the laundry. 
  • Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits – cleaner dishes, windows and cars.




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