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wilson ultra pro review

The technology in the Ultra version 3 racquets are: Integrated PWS takes the volume of the current PWS (Perimeter Weighting System) and blends it over a larger area to open up the string bed, allowing for more power off the strings while maintaining stability. It really is a pro stock racquet in the way that it is just a platform for your own specs. Wilson Titanium Golf Ball AWL Golf aims to help people find the best and ultimate resource for people interested in buying Best Golf Gadgets. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Make Request. The main question. As you mentioned, the one area I also struggled with was serving and slice backhands, where it didn’t seem to have adequate power. It is still controlled and comfortable. I love gut but it can be too powerful. Great review and video. New matching Ultra bags and backpacks are also available. 2 Iron (19°) Wilson ULTRA System 45. Overall 79 Endorsed by Kei Nishikori, the Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail comes fully loaded with explosive power. I think I would like to try out the pro. Really hope they didn’t change anything to the Ultra Tour…, Lots of power, I think this is more powerful than the pure drive. The word I would use to describe the Ultra 100Lon groundstrokes is balanced. Tags: racquet. 2020 Wilson Ultra Pro Review! Best underrated Wilson stick? 我们是Tennis Family! 体验网球装备,感受网球生活! Tennis is about Love, Passion, and Family. Developing players and those needing a frame that supplies the fireworks while still being easy to swing are going to enjoy the new Wilson Ultra 108. Head Size: 97 sq. Boasting a dense 18x20 string pattern … Six at 12 O’clock and six in the handle? I added 2 grams at 12 o’clock and 4 grams at 3 and 9 (total 6 grams) and counterbalanced underneath the base grip by 5 grams. That’s because they do everything well. New plastic slidepack design. Great frame, I am actually quite happy that they didn’t do anything to it or add any technology. in. 302 dimples for a better … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball (15-Pack), White at Amazon.com. This is the reason why golfers tend to select this ball … The new Wilson Ultra racquets follow the design pattern set by the Clash series. This might be my imagination or just a quality control thing, but I don’t mind it. Men's Right Handed. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed reviews. 4 Iron (25°) Wilson ULTRA … And the main difference between this stick and Blade 98? This update to the Juice model line packs some key … Different color choices available. Inverted Power Rib geometry increases torsional stability for easier power and reduced frame twisting. With its dense string pattern, head light balance, thin beam and buttery flex, Wilson's Ultra Tour has many of the ingredients found in a traditional player's racquet. In your last video, you said you’ve gone back to the Soft Drive for match play. While you don’t et a full fourteen club … It is all about control and all the power comes from your own technique and the weight added to the frame. It was actually 6g total in the hoop, 2g at 12 and 4g total at 3 and 9 (2g on each side). As joint longest budget ball, it should be considered good value, especially when the price is for a 15 ball pack.” Click here for more golf ball reviews I hope to be able to review some of these racquets soon. Although it is quite a light racket, it feels like it’s stable enough whilst still offering you great maneuverability. A mid plus frame equipped with an enlarged sweet spot for additional power and forgiveness, this racket helps … Equipped with a massive sweet spot, the Ultra Power XL 112 affords generous amounts of power and forgiveness with every stroke. Your thoughts? Checking the Wilson website shows that the Pro is 0.6mm thicker beam and 1pt less head-light compared to the Tour. This racquet plays pretty much identical to the Wilson Ultra Tour and from what I’ve heard it should be the same racquet in a new paint job. Sure, it doesn’t offer incredible power, or incredible spin, or even incredible control, but it off… You won’t get any free power with this frame, you have to bring your own game. It is supposed to play exactly like its predecessor, but I sense it to be a tad stiffer. Also, even with customization you can see it’s a pretty low powered frame. We’ve taken the time to research, test, analyse and review all the best rackets on the market for players looking to buy their first or second racket including the Wilson Ultra 100L In recent … Featuring the same target specs as the 2017 Ultra Tour, this racquet blends modern speed with a classic feel and truly outstanding control. But if you do, it gives you exactly what you put into it. Top Three Racquets for Intermediate Players. I have modified racquets for several years so this one should be no different. Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is indeed curator of keeping a check and balance in delivering best distance. Works well in this frame. What are your thoughts? The signature color of the Ultra series is blue and the design looks pretty fresh to me, although I have not seen them up close yet. It is perhaps a tiny bit stiffer than the Ultra Tour, but plays equally well and looks better with the glossy finish. The racquet replaces the Wilson Ultra Tour. it should play better at high 50’s, If you check the images for the Ultra Pro on Wilson’s website, you’ll notice it still says Ultra Tour on the racquet neck . How does it compare to Angell Custom TC97 18X20? You need to be up for some tweaking and customization. Love your content Jonas! Jonas: Apologies but I had one additional question. 3. You went for 10g in the hoop and 5g in the handle. I haven’t been able to play them side by side, but I do sense that this is a little stiffer. With a hefty swingweight of 339 on the Babolat RDC, a 27.25-inch length and a 95-square-inch … The Sweet Spot Channel features a cavity on the inside of the frame to extend cross strings by 3.5mm for more power and responsiveness off the string bed. Judging by the specs, the Ultra Pro looks pretty much exactly like its predecessor, but perhaps the new technologies affect the playability. Wilson Ultra Golf Club Review – [ In-depth] The Wilson Golf Ultra is an affordable set of clubs that will be perfect for players who are new to the sport. Wilson Ultra 108 v3 Tennis Racquet The Ultra 108 v3 is new for 2020 and blends a lightweight construction with all-new PowerProfile geometry to create a frame that engages a variety of tennis … The first thing that makes the Wilson Ultra Men’s Golf Club Set reputable is its brand. It was basically a pro stock style racquet in the way that it had no fancy technology, great feel, and control and needed customization. Wilson Labs, the innovation hub at Wilson, developed the ULTRA … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Love the feel of the PTP98 but the sweet spot is small (the hoop is elongated and not very round), like the HG360p on serve and defense, but struggle with it hitting out, or on approach shots. My final strung specs were: 341g, 32.2 cm balance and 331 SW including overgrip and dampener. This is why I think this racquet should come with some Wilson lead tape or tungsten tape (some players would also prefer a Wilson leather grip). At 323g strung, where should I place the additional 7-17 grams? Wilson Sporting Goods Co., announced today the introduction of a new high performance racket franchise called ULTRA. I would suspect balance is the most important element regarding plowthrough, so I would go for just 3g at 10 and 2 at least to begin with, and keep the SW a bit lower. I have been testing the Wilson Ultra Pro for a few days and here are is my review. I was a big fan of the Wilson Ultra Tour when it came out. Despite the other hitting partner not being bad at all, this video only makes me appreciate even more how heavy Mike’s ball is. Wilson will now also rebrand their Clash Tour as the Clash Pro in an effort to align their naming convention. So when it comes to customization, I would do something similar to you, but with not quite as much weight added. It is based on the Wilson H19 pro stock mold and if you can generate your own power, I am sure you’ll like this one. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wilson Ultra Comp - Mens Right Hand Golf Club Set at Amazon.com. I am very happy with this spec and this racquet is now up against the HEAD Pro Tour 2.0 as a possible switch for me. The all new Wilson Ultra 103S has all of the technology to keep spin junkies happy. Top Three Racquets for Intermediate Players. It’s difficult for me to find any major differences, the Angell Custom might feel a bit more solid due to the foam-filling, while the Ultra is a bit faster through the air. How do you feel about them in matches? The Ultra Pro is a no-nonsense frame for advanced players who like to customize a racquet to their own specs. Off both the forehand and backhand sides, the Ultra 100L did everything I asked of it. I would probably just go for about 6g in the hoop, which would have a similar balance effect, but with a smaller increase in SW. That begs a question, what is most closely linked to plow-through, SW or balance? You mentioned this new Ultra Pro being a tad stiffer than the prev Ultra Tour. Cheers / J. Length: 27 inches Balance: 31.5 cm / 9 pts HL Weight: 305g (around 320g with strings) Flex: 63 strung (around 66 unstrung) Power: Low Materials: Graphite Stringing pattern: Mains skip 9T, 8H, 10H Swing weight: 290 (320 w strings). Grey on the sides, the signature color of the series at the top of the hoop and black at the bottom of the frame. I am coming from the Yonex VCore Pro 97 (310) modded to 330grams. Babolat … Which is plusher and flexier? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The PT2 is still the plushest and most flexible. Wilson Racquets Preview: Blade Pro, Blade 102 SW,... Making the Switch – with Daniel Rutkowski, Wilson Six One 95 nCode Classic Racquet Review. It … Without weight added to it, it offers little in terms of plow-through stability and power, but when you have added weight to it, it is an excellent frame – one of the best control-oriented racquets on the market. DS. i Will first see if the QC is fixed for the ultra tour(pro) . Currently going between the Prince Tour Pro 98 and the Head Graphene 360 pro (both modded to about 340g and 330s SW). To help with stability and control, the Ultra … Tested with alu power lime at 52 pounds no bad vibrations, crisp, firm. The Ultra Power 105 puts an emphasis on lightweight power for intermediate tennis players. Sometimes the paint might affect a racquet, so perhaps that is what is going on here. It will be on my short-list for switchable racquets in 2020 and is currently head-to-head with the HEAD Pro Tour 2.0. Any thoughts about match play would be great! The racquet has boasts High Performance Carbon Fiber and … I’d want to keep the 6pt headlight. Cheers / J. Hi Jonas. You won’t get any power and stability. It definitely looks a lot better in my opinion in the shiny dark blue paint with silver on the sides. The Ultra v3 family can be purchased at tennis specialty retailers and wilson.com. Babolat-Pure Strike Review-(Best Tennis Racquet For Power) It is a modern player’s racquet. Design and Review The new Wilson Ultra racquets follow the design pattern set by the Clash series. Inventory available of individual, single, replacement or add-on golf irons and wedges for Wilson ULTRA System 45 Irons. The new paint job is awesome. The Wilson Ultra Pro is a low-powered racquet for advanced players. I am shopping for two of the Wilson Ultra Tour/Pro’s. They play really close! It is just a pure, raw, control-oriented racquet. I could consider gut mains with Wilson poly crosses. The new Wilson Ultra racquets are the following. Both offer great control, while the HEAD is ready to go straight from the box and the Ultra Pro needs some tweaking. This model also comes with Wilson's Uncontaminated Design, which means it has the same bold simplicity and velvety paint finish found in the Pro Staff and Blade lines. Would you string this with natural gut (58lbs) or would you simply string a poly much lower (48lbs) to get the desired “power” from the frame? Great video Jonas!! Customized to my liking and strung with Luxilon Alu Power 1.25, I enjoyed this racquet a lot. I would string it with a poly at a lower tension. Thanks to a Basalt Carbon Fiber composition, the frame … Thinking of grabbing the Wilson. Which racquets helps you feel the most comfortable playing percentage tennis? You talked about the PT2.0 being a little too demanding during match play, but wondering your thoughts on this one. Too many rackets make tennis feel complicated, but the Ultra somehow seems to simplify everything. I have similar predicament to you: love the feel of players frames, but might need a little more free power from a racquet. I have 3 of them, first is 310mm balance strung, other one is 320 and last one is 335, that’s a huge difference, mad totally not the same racquet. How does the original Ultra Tour compare vs the PT2.0? Inspired by Wilson's Ultra performance series, the Ultra Power 100 serves up plenty of power while mixing in elements of improved feel and control. Fifty Elite. Lightweight and durable, the Ultra … If you want to read about the older Wilson Ultra models and other Wilson tennis racquets, check out my Wilson page here. Now that is a tiny difference, but if the Tour had any downside it was the slightly weak hoop feeling, so I definitely think the Pro is worth a new test. The weakness, in my opinion, of the Yonex is feel and volleys. Thanks! Nice review, looks like a solid racquet after customisation! Wilson is a great company and known … Reviewed by Jon Levey | January 08, 2016. The 97 headsize has become very popular. Wilson Ultra 103S. Despite being quite head-light and only 97 sqinch, it seemed to have great control, a large sweet-spot and a solid feeling. I was a big fan of the Wilson Ultra Tour when it came out.

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