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Superior Designs for optimum results

No Other System Compares

Superior Design

Built to last for Years with Easy Maintenance

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Best H2O possible

Our system gives you the best, "Living" H2O possible, using the latest Adavanced Water Technologies

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We only use BioCera Bioceramics with our systems which help to bring back water to its Natural State

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Multi-Vortexed H2O

We fully incorporate Multi-Vortexing Technologies, along with Rare Earth Magnetics for Optimum Results

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About Us

It is our mission to clean up all the waters of planet earth, a gallon at a time if necessary, for future generations to come. We are fully dedicated to providing you with the world’s most advanced and innovative water filtering products that promote life, health, and spiritual development. We seek to facilitate the evolutionary human process with products that meet the highest standards possible. To assist in bringing to light the fact that we do not have to use our precious, natural resources for our drinking and bathing water any more, and bring dead, unlivined, energetically damaged water back to life, back to its original life-giving state. Giving water the ability to give life once more.

Our Services

With over a Decade of Experience in the Structuring, Vortexing and Living Water Arena, the Brilliant Team at PureH2OTechnologies is Dedicated to Bringing You the Finest Living Water Possible, from Any Location and Any Water Source. Specializing in Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Applications. Also Specializing in H2O Condensation, or Water from Air Technology. Learn more at our sponsor's site: PlanetOneSolutions.org


We have application down to the smallest systems for you home, office, condo, apartment, rv, mobilehome, etc. and custom applications to fit your budget, space and required water needs.


We have applications to fit the largest job. Fully customized, saving you thousands on unecessary and unneeded filtration. Applications up to 22 million gallon, or more if needed.


Our systems are designed to work with your surround evironment and resources, creating the optimum conditions for plant and animal cultivation.

Enter Biomimcry

Biomimcry is the application of using the principals of nuture in today's science. See our latest biomimicry project, intigrating PureH2OTech systems at IntelliTrees.com


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Over 10 years experience

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Superior Quality

Every PureH2OTechnology System Gives You the Best H2O Possible

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Contains ORMUS

All of Our Custom Systems Increase the ORMUS Content of Your H2O

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Why BioCera bioceramics?

All of Our Systems Incorporate BioCera Bioceramics

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